Mike Carr


Mike Carr, Fight in the Skies/Dawn Patrol creator, and former TSR employee was kind enough to share his memories of the early days in Lake Geneva.


"While in high school I was a member of IFW (where I got to know Gary Gygax), was an employee of TSR from March of 1976 to July of 1983 and am the creator of FIGHT IN THE SKIES / DAWN PATROL.  I am also the only person to have attended every GEN CON, from 1968 to the present."


"I did talk my parents into a weekend vacation trip to Lake Geneva in August of 1968 so that I could attend GEN CON I.  They enjoyed sightseeing and a cruise on Geneva Lake while I was involved with the convention, running the very first scheduled event after Gary Gygax's welcoming.  The very first scheduled event at the first GEN CON in 1968 was a game of FIGHT IN THE SKIES -- and that is the only game that has been played at every GEN CON since then."


"DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP! is another event that was featured for decades at GEN CON and my fondest memory is the DGUTS game run by Dave Arneson at GEN CON V in Williams Bay, where Gary Gygax and I were on the same team and had a wonderfully successful outcome at the Battle of the Nile, 1798." 


Photo of Mike courtesy of Gary Con

Carr, Mike.  Electronic communication.  29 Dec 2015+