Unique Items

Gen Con 10 Flyer


Gen Con 14 Flyer


Gen Con 14 Discount Coupon Book


Gen Con 17 Coupon Book, On-Site Registration Supply Envelope, RPGA Special Offer Sheet, Thursday-Saturday Event Registration Sheets



Gen Con 18 Exhibitor's Information Kit 


Adventure "Who is Eadred Malvutius?" by Steven H. Silver (Gen Con 19)


Gen Con '91 Event Confirmation Letter (Jeff Leason)



Gen Con/Origins '92 Guest of Honor Pin & Patch



Gen Con '93 "20 Years of D&D Gaming" Patch


Gen Con '93 AD&D Game Benefit Character Sheet & Name Badge


Spellfire Promo 2 Card from Gen Con '94


Gen Con Auction Receipt 1994


Gen Con Daily Newspaper Issue 1 (Friday, August 11, 2000)


Gen Con Daily Newspaper Issue 2 (Saturday, August 12, 2000)


Gen Con Daily Newspaper Issue 3 (Sunday, August 13, 2000)


RPGA Event Tickets from Gen Con 2000


Bid card used to win the final item (Avalon Hill's Kriegspiel) at the final Milwaukee Gen Con Auction (August 11, 2002)